Tuesday, June 9, 2009

CASE study 2:

In 1987, artist Lebbeus Woods took a graphite pencil and created his vision of a chair. The chair is 

shown inside a large chamber with a high ceiling, mounted on a wall in front of a suspended sphere, 

and with a visibly jointed grid forming the floor and wall.  

Universal Studios released the film 12 Monkeys in December of 1995. Bruce Willis plays the 

distraught time traveler, Joe. In the beginning of the movie, Joe is brought into the interrogation room 

and told to sit in a chair which is attached to a vertical rail on the wall. As Joe sits in the chair, it slides 

up the rail, suspending Joe helplessly several yards above the floor. A sphere supported by a metal 

armature is suspended directly in front of Joe, probing for weaknesses as the inquisitors interrogate 


Read the case study and look at the drawing and the movie: 


Was this chair the same chair the Woods had drawn?

Yes, its blatantly the same chair.

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