Tuesday, June 9, 2009

CASE study 1:

In 1976, ex-Beatle George Harrison was found guilty of copyright infringement for his hit single, "My 

Sweet Lord." Bright Tunes Music Corporation had obtained the copyright for the 1963 hit, "He's So 

Fine," which was written by Ronald Mack and originally performed by The Chiffons. Did George 

Harrison borrow his musical ideas from Mack's hit song? Judge for yourself. 

 Listen to the songs here: http://www.benedict.com/audio/Harrison/Harrison.aspx 

And make the following assessment. Make notes in your blog as to what you think the case outcome 

should be. 

RATING SYSTEM:  5=Exactly the same 4=Very similar 3=Somewhat alike 2=Barely the same 

1=Not alike in any way  

Melody: __3________  

Harmony/Chordal Structure: ____4______  

Rhythm: ____3?______ 

Tempo: ____2-3______  

Lyrics: ____2-3______  

Instruments: __2?________  

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