Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Scanned Image:

My Online Presence contains mostly scanned photographs.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Presence Project..

Well for my "Online Presence" project i decided to just make another blogspot page as i found it dead simple to use and the link to it can be found on my profile page alongside this one. I could of made a website or something but this just seemed the better way to do it. check it out if you wish.

What Is Free Software?

Open source software is software available to people to download off the internet for free, if you find the right site there are programs out there to suit all requirements from photo editing through to text formatting. Here are some examples of free software programs..

Mozilla Firefox - for web browsing
Handbrake - copying DVDs to your computer
iPodDisk - copy music from your ipod to your itunes/music player
Burn - CD and DVD burner
Seashore - photo editing

Legal Image

This is an image i legally obtained of
Photographed by: mfrascella. To check out the original photo and more of their work click here

CASE study 3:

Oh so criminal was created as a response to the Australian Government's (in particular the Attorney- 

General's office) "Fair Use and Other Copyright Exceptions: An examination of fair use, fair dealing 

and other exceptions in the Digital Age" Issues Paper, provided in May 2005.  


to quote: Some interest groups feel a copyright balance might be 

better maintained in a rapidly changing digital environment if the 

Copyright Act were to include an open-ended 'fair use' exception 

that would allow the courts to determine whether a particular use 

of copyright material is 'fair' and should be lawful. Others argue 

the present specific exceptions in the Act should be amended to 

make certain uses of copyright material law 


Instead of writing a wordy submission to the Government Keir 

Smith decided to make an example of something that is currently illegal, but thinks should be covered 

by 'fair use'.  

Do you think his work is ‘illegal’? should it be?

I don't know.

CASE study 2:

In 1987, artist Lebbeus Woods took a graphite pencil and created his vision of a chair. The chair is 

shown inside a large chamber with a high ceiling, mounted on a wall in front of a suspended sphere, 

and with a visibly jointed grid forming the floor and wall.  

Universal Studios released the film 12 Monkeys in December of 1995. Bruce Willis plays the 

distraught time traveler, Joe. In the beginning of the movie, Joe is brought into the interrogation room 

and told to sit in a chair which is attached to a vertical rail on the wall. As Joe sits in the chair, it slides 

up the rail, suspending Joe helplessly several yards above the floor. A sphere supported by a metal 

armature is suspended directly in front of Joe, probing for weaknesses as the inquisitors interrogate 


Read the case study and look at the drawing and the movie: 

Was this chair the same chair the Woods had drawn?

Yes, its blatantly the same chair.

CASE study 1:

In 1976, ex-Beatle George Harrison was found guilty of copyright infringement for his hit single, "My 

Sweet Lord." Bright Tunes Music Corporation had obtained the copyright for the 1963 hit, "He's So 

Fine," which was written by Ronald Mack and originally performed by The Chiffons. Did George 

Harrison borrow his musical ideas from Mack's hit song? Judge for yourself. 

 Listen to the songs here: 

And make the following assessment. Make notes in your blog as to what you think the case outcome 

should be. 

RATING SYSTEM:  5=Exactly the same 4=Very similar 3=Somewhat alike 2=Barely the same 

1=Not alike in any way  

Melody: __3________  

Harmony/Chordal Structure: ____4______  

Rhythm: ____3?______ 

Tempo: ____2-3______  

Lyrics: ____2-3______  

Instruments: __2?________  

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